Pendragon the Dark Ages 2nd Generation

512 The Adventure of the Ludus Troiae

A meeting of all the kings, Kings, including Saxons, but more importantly we did well in the Tourney.

Our part in the upcoming games was to escort Uncle Aelle to Pengwern after he landed at Glevum. We got to spend some time at Brynn’s, an old companion of our parents (though not as old as Old Fannon and his mates; they’re really old) and we had a great time there as usual. Acually on the way down we stopped Alun and Cynlas from raiding some cattle. That was fun (and we came across some wierd place in the woods). After that they joined us.

Uncle Aelle came up on three of the biggest Saxon ships we’d ever seen and in all his armour he did the oar dance with the whole of Glevum watching.

We were by the main docks waiting to do all the ceremonial stuff, but when we saw that we had to get rowed out and have a go! Aelle grabbed Grainne and Morchades and did it again and if he wasn’t quite so light on his feet this time round no-one seemed to notice or mind. Merin was good at it of course, even if he’d never done it before but Elias was the best because he fell in when he totally missed the very first oar! He called it ‘falling with style!’ (But its a good thing Saxons seem to be able to swim you know). I bet the servants who had to clean Elias’ mail later were not happy!



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