Pendragon the Dark Ages 2nd Generation

518-9 Escape from the North

Riding, walking, sleeping, with only the occasional Pict arrow to relive the monotony. The picts harry us across the north, trying to delay us, for what?

Soon we find out. We spot the scouts for a group of Pict Warriors riding fast behind us. We are lucky to do so for their woodcraft is good. They will catch us soon, so we set an ambush. They ride into it, but are covered in tattoos and magic. The fight was short but hard, Picts needing more blows to keep them down than any ordinary warrior would need.

Many of us have injuries, and our banner riders nearly lose the banner. But they do not and we prevail. We take the ponies and provisions and ride South some more.

Finally, we meet riders with our banners. The riders are Companions of King Blean of Pengwern, sent North to find us. We finally see The Wall again.

Hadrians wall

We have a great feast with story telling when we finally get to Luguvalium. There are tales of the death of the King of the North, tales of the Miracle of the Robins, and we hear of the Priest Cyndeyrn who performed the Miracle and now travels the Pict lands converting them.



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