Pendragon the Dark Ages 2nd Generation

518/9 The White Riders Ride Again

The Adventure of the Road to Achavanich Part 1 1

Grainne heard about a great meeting of Picts in the North. We decide to do something about it


Merin and Grainne and Gwalchmai and Cadwaladr and Morchades and Elias rode South to Viriconium in the Kingdom of Pengwern. The storms were fierce. The King of Pengwern granted their request to try to get them to the Otherside so as to gain an advantage over the Picts.

The King and his companions, The White Riders, rode forth from Pengwern and to the West. At a stone circle Owain played the dread harp. Its notes first sweet, then discordant and then unplayable. The Otherside appeared and Merin and Grainne and Gwalchmai and Cadwaladr and Morchades and Elias rode through, but their companions did not arrive with them.


A white stag was chased to a camp of the Sidhe, where Silverhand offered hospitality. We shared stories and Cadwaladr was asked to play his harp, which was now the Dread Harp of Owain. He played until his fingers bled. Everyone was overcome.

Silverhand gave a short silver spear that would return the Dragon Riders to their world when they needed.

Saint Patrick was the next to meet them on their travels. Working his garden with Sidhe converts. He will pray for their companions, that they find their way home.



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