Pendragon the Dark Ages 2nd Generation

519 Calm before the Storm

Summer and Winter 519

There is something wrong, it may be The Spear or the Harp, or both, or the feeling that we are being watched, or the dreams some of us still have.

Merin seems distant and his wife Rania unhappy. They have a blazing row which everyone hears.

Elias and Aelgifu are more connected than ever, but he seems more Saxon like every day.

Grainne and Morchades spend many hours talking to Father Diarmud, he is worried about the Spear being used, but it is outside of his experience. It is said that those who use it are cursed, and it may even be the Spear that pierced our Lord.

Bayliss gets an audience with Grainne, Gwalchmai and Cadwaladr. He hears the story of the North. He cannot see how the Wizard had the power he did, and the Dark Lady scares him. He looks at the boy and says he may be the next High King.

Days pass and we heal, but still the dreams come and still we feel watched.

We head to Pengwern to catch the end of Winter Court. There are feasts and formal greetings, we are treated more seriously than before.

We go hunting with the King. Which turns out to be a diversion so that he could quiz us on what really happened. We tell him everything, including showing Michael and the captured Roman Eagle. He advises us to keep both hidden, as either could be seen as a power grab and could turn our alliances into chaos. He also says to keep an eye on Rheged, we have been too successful, and the sons of Rheged may act against us.

We then head back to Luguvalium for a quiet year, riding the lands, collecting tax, making judgements and being Lords. But the dreams still come and we are watched.

During the summer we hear of several small victories against the Saxons south of us and a mighty storm rolls north. We think this is Is Bayliss raising his power against the Dark Lady.

The season’s turn again and we ride south to Pengwern for Grainne’s wedding to Cumhall.




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