Pendragon the Dark Ages 2nd Generation

518/9 Away From The Pack Into The Sounder

The Adventure of the Road to Achavanich Part 3

We cross the lands of the Boar People. We fight their king and his guard in honorable combat.

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After a brief rest, The Dragonriders rode north, into rougher and rougher lands as the mist cleared. We had trouble with the mountains and nearly lost Elias but every obstacle that was put in our way, we overcame.

During the first night Elias was ridden by the Crow Goddess against his will, we could do nothing, neither could he, though her magic healed him and us.

Later while riding we heard the sounds of combat and the shouts of our banner riders. We rode as fast as possible, and found them in a Tourney combat with very large men.

The combat was stopped when we approached, and we were asked if the Dragon Banner was ours. We said it was, and so were these men. The chief of these large men then offered us a feast for a week, which we could not accept, and then offered combat – to the death. Everyone cheered, and for a moment he took on some of the featues of a Wild Boar.

Our riders advised us to fight on foot – we found out why, when the large men charged. It was like fighting a battering ram.

We fought well, but Merin was knocked out, and badly injured. Elias fought the fight of champions with the King, and matched him blow for blow. Cadwalader intervened and Elias won.


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