Pendragon the Dark Ages 2nd Generation


Gwalchmai follows the wolf thing tracks to a forest North of the Wall. Merin, Elias, Morchades and Cumhall ride to join him.

Cadwaladr and Grainne are too injured to follow.

We enter the forest, which is very dark and twisted. We follow the train to a giant stone, carved with ancient marks. Gwalchmai says the stone is evil and ancient. It feels nasty, slippery and disgusting. Merin and Morchades attempt to climb it. It is horrible, cold, we feel afraid. Merin finds more carving on the top.
Gwalchmai looks at it with The Eye. He says the wolf things are inside the rock. Morchades needs to get to the top and climbs a tree to get there. She lays a cross in white stones and preys. The white stones crumble and an evil wind explodes from the stone throwing her down, her fall luckily broken by Cumhall. Morchades is not happy.


We think the wolf things will come forth in darkness, so we wait. Cumhall arranges some archers, while Elias leads those on horse.
Darkness falls. The fires that we have lit are dim as if the light does not want to touch the stone.

Suddenly nightwolves leap from the rock and start running North. They are rotting, scabby, insectlike, dark and lupine. The archer shoot and Elias leads the charge.
We cut down many in the first pass, but they run on North, faster than anything should run.
Morchades shouts to Saint Michael and races after them, followed by the rest of us. Only she keeps up and strikes at them one at a time, while we slay the injured she leaves in her wake.

As the last one drops we find we have ridden a huge distance, and are now in another forest, with another pillar of rock directly ahead. This must be where they were headed.


The pillar is a different type of rock and is fashioned by tools, with a cave leading into it. Inside we find furs and furniture and a figure dead or asleep on a bed. It appears to be Bayliss, looking far more aged than the last time we met.



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