Pendragon the Dark Ages 2nd Generation

The Dark

As we reach the pool, the cavern begins to light up, tiny lights like glittering stars above us. We hear movement all around us.

Hordes of pale leprous forms appear out of the darkness, some with stone axes and knives, some with claws and teeth. We cut down lots, but they keep coming.


Merin sees the pool is half clear and half black, with black eel things in it. He leaps into the pool and his Sidhe Sword light up again, the surface of the water ignites, but does not harm him. In the middle of the pool as the clear water turns black is a black stone. Merin strikes it with his sword. There is a ring like a cracked bell. Something is aware of us, something moved.

The fighting becomes more frenzied. Dark things pour out of the blackness. Another clang as Merin hits the stone again.

Gwalchmai jumps into the pool and heads towards Merin. The dark things that follow him burn in the pool flames. There are Black armoured shapes behind these front ranks, come to join the fight.

CLANG, a crack starts to form in the stone as Merin strikes it with the flaming sword again.

Cadwaladr orders everyone into the pool. The dark things are maddened and leaping into the flames to get at us. The fighting increases.

Gwalchmai shouts that the Dark Lady is controlling him and wants to kill Merin, he tries to stop his advance.

The eel things in the water coalesce into one Giant Black Eel which is also on fire. The Eel thing attacks many people, but the head dives at Merin. Merin avoids the head and uses the force of the Eel strike to cut into the stone. CLANG.

Eldrich fire all around the sword. Hordes of darkness things advance into the pool and burn. Some slow the advance of the horde while we fight the Eel.

Morchades is frozen in fear as the Dark Lady talks in her head. Grainne gets between Merin and Gwalchmai. Gwalchmai wins the fight in his head for a moment and hits the Eel with The Spear.



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