Pendragon the Dark Ages 2nd Generation

518/9 The Wolf Hunt

The Adventure of the Road to Achavanich Part 2

We ride through the otherworld and are hunted by the Wolf People.

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We rode north from Patrick’s house hoping for a sign. Cadwaladr played a little on The Harp and soon we saw a White Stag atop a hill. We chased after it and eventually rode over the hill and down towards a mist filled valley. Gwalchmai assured us that we still followed the Stag.

The mist filled the valley like water and we rode into this sea of white with hands on our weapons. Shapes appeared and disappeared while we could barely see the rider next in line.

Suddenly we came across a clearing in the mist with a hall at its centre. We rode to it and we met by some well armed pale skinned guards. We entered the hall, leaving the horses outside. The hall contained many warriors, all very pale, with red eyes and distictive armbands. Their Lord greeted us and we ate with him.

The Lord eventually told us that his people were the White Wolves that we had fought at Girdle Stanes. Those wolves had died as warriors and he did not hold that against us. But letting the Wizard of the North go has kept his people in slavery and he is deciding if he will kill us now or hunt us down.

I spot that there seems to be someone else behind his eyes at times and I keep him talking. He has to fight to talk of a Dark Lady who is now their master and he starts to change.

Elias starts reciting his epic poems and Cadwaladr helps soothe the Lord with his harp playing. The Lord calms down enough for me to try some more questions. I get the Lord to give us directions to the King of the North and this Dark Lady and a reason to let us go – so that he could hunt us down before them. This Lord was fighting some power as he gave this information, he really wants to free his people. But eventually the Wolf took him over and we ran from the hall with 5 minutes given to us.

The wolves chased us through the mist always getting closer. We knew they would catch us eventually, but every step North was a step closer to our real goal. Then they were upon us teeth biting, claws scratching and our armour only protecting us a little.

The fight started well, as we continued our ride towards a cairn up ahead. Several wolves cut down. The there were howls from up ahead and some of our horses faltered. Luckily, not too many wolves stood in my way and I reached the cairn and these howling wolves quickly.

Even then as my companions rode for the cairn and I returned to help, a wall of wolves headed towards us. Then a crow flew in and landed on the cairn and changed to an armoured woman. The wolves fell back as she declared the fight boring and over. Apparently Grainne knows something of this and greeted her as an ancester.

Spoken to this scribe by Merin



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