Pendragon the Dark Ages 2nd Generation

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512 The Adventure of the Ludus Troiae

A meeting of all the kings, Kings, including Saxons, but more importantly we did well in the Tourney.

Our part in the upcoming games was to escort Uncle Aelle to Pengwern after he landed at Glevum. We got to spend some time at Brynn’s, an old companion of our parents (though not as old as Old Fannon and his mates; they’re really old) and we had a great time there as usual. Acually on the way down we stopped Alun and Cynlas from raiding some cattle. That was fun (and we came across some wierd place in the woods). After that they joined us.

Uncle Aelle came up on three of the biggest Saxon ships we’d ever seen and in all his armour he did the oar dance with the whole of Glevum watching.

We were by the main docks waiting to do all the ceremonial stuff, but when we saw that we had to get rowed out and have a go! Aelle grabbed Grainne and Morchades and did it again and if he wasn’t quite so light on his feet this time round no-one seemed to notice or mind. Merin was good at it of course, even if he’d never done it before but Elias was the best because he fell in when he totally missed the very first oar! He called it ‘falling with style!’ (But its a good thing Saxons seem to be able to swim you know). I bet the servants who had to clean Elias’ mail later were not happy!

513 Adventure of the Red Stag

A trip to the Sidhe.

514 Adventure of the Saxon Brides

Capure Saxon brides before our enemies can unite.

515 The Adventure of the Weddings and Tourney of Caer Leons

Merin gets married to the beutiful Rania.
Elias marries one of the captured Saxon ‘brides’.
His new inlaws attack but are defeated, with many casualties on all sides.

Political fallout with the Saxon King Aella – a tournament combat is called between us and some Saxons. Another Saxon King interferes with magic.

516 The Adventure of the Outlaws and Adventure of Lake Lady

Our first command – Mediolanum (Chesterton)
From there we help the King of Elmet protect his lands from outlaws

We protect a Lake Lady

517 Adventures on the Wall

We are given command of a part of the wall while Rheged, Pengwern and the High Kings warband wage war on the Saxons of the North. We begin to make friends with the Kings beyond The Wall, until a massive and bloody pictish raid draws us into a long pursuit which leads us into a cunning, well laid, trap.

We’re lucky to escape with our lives, but we lose a significant portion of the cavalry and Iateus. Cadwalader is wounded by their champion, and the wound doesn’t close until the Christians pray for it. Even then it closes only very slowly.

517 Winter

When we come back from the ambush news of our ‘defeat’ is not as bad as it might have been and the Picts are quiet for much of the rest of the year. We start to get to grips with our ‘kingdom’ only to find that were not going to have enough money to feed our men unless Rania pulls off a minor mircale of stewardshp. Fortunately for us she does.

After the Dark of the Year, Cadwalader’s wound troubles him once more and we search for a cure. Our resident Druid tells us we need to seek out a lake’s lady….

518 The Adventure of the Wound that Wouldn't Close

We go seeking the Lady ofthe Great Lakes. In a stark winter setting which manages to bequile us with its beauty, a blanket of snow softens the outlines of the bare trees, and a watery sun breaks though thick grey cloud from time to time as we try to find her. Without guidance it’s a lot of hard work and Merrin comes down with a cold, clearly missing the comforts of home.

Gwalchmai at length manages to find signs of someone tending the sacred places, and we follow them back with some diffciulty to a hdden placce which is the home of the lady. She does what she can for Cadwalader and divines that the one who placed the enchantment on him will be at Girdle Stanes in spring to finish the job, if he lives that long. If we can interrpupt the ritual we might be able to stop the poison from spreading.

She agrees to help us so long as we agree to let the enemy raise his power so she can use it.

Gwalchmai and his wife Eithne set about scouting the place and we arrange a small force of picked men to come with us.

518 Girdle Stanes
The Adventure of the Wound that Wouldn't Close (pt 2.)


The Lady of the Great Lakes hid us in a deep fog as we travelled the Pict infested lands to Girdle Stanes. Once there we waited for the Picts to start their bestial ritual.

As their ritual reached its degenerate climax we rode forth and attacked. The cross of St Patrick grew hot on Cadwaladr as it protected him from the foul magics the capering Pict wizard commanded. Our dragon banner howled and then became a real dragon belching fire. The ground around us vanished and was replaced by mist with howling red-eared wolves leaping at us.

We destroyed these mist wolves, even though their flaming teeth bit through armour, but immediately found ourselves back at the Girdle Stones with frothing, screaming Pict warriors upon us.

There were many Pict warriors, but only a few were worthy of the title. We have spent many years fighting Saxons, and these Picts may be vicious but are not as strong or armoured. But, they did attack our horses, which give us some problems. However, in a short time, even their best warriors were dispatched, while the Lady and the Wizard fought with magic and one of the standing stones became a moving statue to watch them.

The wizard, who looks to be only part man, leapt into the fire and vanished. The field was ours.
But suddenly we were not there, we were in the same place, but the stones were moss covered, and the surrounding fields were tilled, and a small church stood nearby.

We rode to the church find out what was going on, passing a newly carved statue of a saint. By the church we were met by (St) Patrick, who we last me on the other side. He spoke to us and said the Wizard, an evil man, was under his hospitality in the church and we had an important decision to make. Let him go and he will be a thorn in our side for a long time, or do something else which would have serious consequences.

We chose to talk to the Wizard, who is much more intelligent and educated than we had suspected. He says that he want to see his people survive and that we are the threat. We replied that attacking us would only speed the destruction of his people. There did not seem to be any way to divert his course (or that of the King he follows and loves). We would not break the hospitality of Patrick, so we left. We returned back to the scene of our victory, and after the Lady had used the power to cure Cadwalader, we returned home.


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