The Age of Arthur – The Celtic Twilight – the Dark Ages – the Birth of England. These are some of the powerful and romantic names given to this most confused and yet most vital period of British history. It was an age of settlement, an age of fire, and an age of the sword, which in itself was only a small part of a far larger picture.


Welcome to the Dark Ages of Pendragon, a quasi-historical fantasy usng the Pendragon sytem. Not a monster-bashing dungeon crawl but a socio-political game in a dark and bloody world where survival depends not only upon the strength of your sword ard and that of your sworn comrades who stand with you, but also on your ability to fight on other, equally deadly battlefields in the thrones rooms of the Kings of Brtain. In this arena players may have, if they so choose, the opportunity to earn yourselves the rank, power and privileges of Kings.

This year sees another visit in state from The Bretwalda, and the biggest Ludus Troiae the kingdom has ever seen. Rumours that a treaty will be signed which will guarantee peace abound………


Pendragon the Dark Ages 2nd Generation TonyMansfield