Pendragon the Dark Ages 2nd Generation

518 Summer - Still Clearing the Border

We continued with Cadwaladr’s campaign against the Picts. We found one village had been converted by one of the Roman priests we brought to the North. We made agreements with the head man of that village to not raid South for a year and left them alone. The other villages we did not spare.

One village did cause problems. It had steep earth works surrounding it which forced us to ride through a narrow path while they shot arrows at us. The javelins we threw back slew several archers and the rest ran, leaving their warriors to fight us.

We then had problems riding up the steep bank to their gate. Elias got stuck for a few vital seconds as his horse slipped, Grainne scrambled past him, but got a nasty spear blow which drove Merin from his senses. Merin leapt from his horse, ran up the Earth Works and leapt upon her attacker like a mad man.

The fighting didn’t last long, Morchades, Elias and the others making short work of the ‘warriors’. Afterwards, it appears that this village was wealthy.



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