Pendragon the Dark Ages 2nd Generation

518 The Adventure of the Wound that Wouldn't Close

We go seeking the Lady ofthe Great Lakes. In a stark winter setting which manages to bequile us with its beauty, a blanket of snow softens the outlines of the bare trees, and a watery sun breaks though thick grey cloud from time to time as we try to find her. Without guidance it’s a lot of hard work and Merrin comes down with a cold, clearly missing the comforts of home.

Gwalchmai at length manages to find signs of someone tending the sacred places, and we follow them back with some diffciulty to a hdden placce which is the home of the lady. She does what she can for Cadwalader and divines that the one who placed the enchantment on him will be at Girdle Stanes in spring to finish the job, if he lives that long. If we can interrpupt the ritual we might be able to stop the poison from spreading.

She agrees to help us so long as we agree to let the enemy raise his power so she can use it.

Gwalchmai and his wife Eithne set about scouting the place and we arrange a small force of picked men to come with us.


Who’s idea was it to be in the North outside in Winter.


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