Pendragon the Dark Ages 2nd Generation

518 The Pictish Raid

5 pictish warrior pictish raid on hadians wall ad3601 preview1

Awakening to your door breaking and you guard bursting though impaled on a spear is never a good way to wake up. Merin rolled away from the attacker and grabbed his sword, to protect his wife and himself from this nighttime sneak. He lead the little pict to the door, suffering some minor cuts and then removed the tattooed mans arm and dispatched him.

Disurbing Aelgifu and Elias nocturnal recreations was a foolish thing to do. But these picts are fools. It was only a brief moment before the attacker had a dagger and spear in him as he cooled on the ground. Recreations continued – with a lighting and thunderclap ending!

Morchades awoke to a fight outside her door. As her guard was killed she kicked out her own door and followed the pict’s retracting spear with her own, letting the point go right through him.

Grainne woke to a spear in the dark, and could not stop it raking her with her dagger. Luckily, as she leapt from her bed, her sword fell into her hand, which made short work of her attacker.

Gwalchmai was stabbed by his attacker – luckily he is as tough as old boots and eventually overcame his attacker with help from his wife and Morchades.

Cadwaladr was in his ‘war room’ when a spear leapt from the dark. The picts had saved their best for him, and it was a hard fight. Cadwaladr managed to raise the alarm, and a guard got to his room and killed his attacker.

The Picts do not seem happy with us.


Gm’s note. This account may just be a tiny bit biased, and for the reocord, the final comment is a masterpiece of understatement!

518 The Pictish Raid

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