Pendragon the Dark Ages 2nd Generation

Battle with the King of the North

The Adventure of the Road to Achavanich Part 6

Winter aids us as we fight the King og The North.

War battle fighting fantasy art

The wind blows hard all around us. Snow and sleet blind our foes and the blasting wind takes the from their feet. The magic of the Winter Hag lets us see.

Their elite warriors are upon us. Morchades and I land mighty blows upon the Wizard, but it is like hitting a tree. He throws something in our faces.

The undead Romans are ripped to pieces by the others, and then they crunch into the Pict shield wall.

The Dark Lady runs for the ships.

Suddenly Morchades and I are on fire, I roll in the wet grass to put it out, while Morchades still attacks the wizard.

Elias cuts a Pict in two with his spear.

The flames on me go out and I leap to my feet and strike the wizards hand from his body. He ignores me – chanting some foul spell.

The King takes down one of our banner men and leaps upon his horse. Gwalchmai draws blood from him and their fight moves away from the line.

I take the wizards other hand as he plants his staff. He finally falls and I cut the staff from the ground. The winds weaken. Morchades stabs here spear through the wizards heart.

I see Gwalchmai knock the King of the North from the saddle – I have never seen him fight so well.

The Dark Lady returns from the ships with chariots. Driving fast towards Gwalchmai. Grainne, Cadwaladr and Elias finish off the warriors near us, and in the distance Gwalchmai stabs his spear right through the laughing King. The Lady screams and the chariots speed up, the Ladies chariot has a Golden Eagle standard.

Cadwaladr gets us into a line to meet the chariots, and javelins are thrown. I try to protect [[:cadwaladr | Cadwaladr]. Unfortunately, I do not see the pit that the Picts have dug, and as my companions swerve, I rid in, only just avoiding being crushed by my horse.

I scramble from the pit to see my companions and the chariots meet. Two of the chariots are emptied of warriors, but the Dark Lady takes a massive blow, but it does nothing to her.

I try to call a horse to me, but only cause it to run away.



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