Pendragon the Dark Ages 2nd Generation

Leaving the North

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The time has finally come to leave the cold and rain, the damp and mist, the snow and giant flying biting insects. Stangely, I think I will miss it. The lands even now seem more unreal.

We leave the Picts fighting among themselves. The lands of the Wall prosperous and with better maintained roads. Trade comes by land and sea. We make sure there are good stocks of food and good people in useful positions.

I send a message to King Uriens of Rheged, carefully worded to make sure that he will look well upon this region and its people.

King Uriens surprises us and turns up, just before we leave. He gives us many gifts and we feast. He is passing these lands to he son Pasgen – who we know well.

We leave the North, older, richer and much changed by it.

- Merin, Dragonrider, Son of King Blean of Pengwern



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