Pendragon the Dark Ages 2nd Generation

The Battle of Holy Isle

We ride north, passing several battle sites, victories for our people, but the last looked close. We hear that a large battle line is forming, and we ride hard to get there.


We are met by the King and the White Riders. We hear of a large Pict force in the north, hopefully our victory over the Dark Lady will change that battle – it is too far for us to do anything else. I hope Carafanon fares well. The Battle here will be in the morning.

Cadwaladr is given the right flank and we will be in reserve. There are many hundreds of Saxon.

The Saxons beat shields and charge, King Bleans army lets them come and battle is joined. The clash is like thunder rolling over the hills. We wait for Cadwaladr’s commands.

Suddenly, part of the Pengwern line collapses, and the Pengwern banner falls. Cadwaladr shouts charge, and we do. I whisper a secret.

We hit the Saxon line from behind as it has turned towards the fallen banner. The do not stand a chance, with no shield wall and plenty of space. Saxons fall all around us, although Morchades is hit by a thrown spear and slumps in her saddle. Luckily, one of our riders grabs her reigns and keeps her near, while Arria patches her wound. We turn to avoid a shields wall as a flaming arrow arcs over the battlefield from our side. A snow flake drops from above towards my sword.

Flames burst out from amongst the Saxon shield wall – Flavious must have prepared the ground in some way. The snow flake hits my sword and it burst into light – a blue icy flame. The Saxons nearby point at me and shout something and run. The real White Rider banner appears on a hill and they charge into the fray.

We cut down Saxons. My enemies shatter on my blade.

The battle is won. The Saxons defeated, but at heavy cost. Those who survive feast till morning, although I do not.

Now we must ride hard again to find out what has happened at the Wall. The garrison is a skeleton. Almost everyone has gone North of the wall. We follow the trails. Finally, we find our army and Carafanon with a story.

News of the huge Pict horde reched him shortly after we left. He took the army North and harried them for a long time. One day there was eldrich fire playing in the sky and many Picts left the horde and headed home. He fought the remander a few days ago. It was a total victory and the Queen fled, but at a high cost to our men.

Before we left King Blean, he told us that this would be our last year in the North. Next year the battles will be in the South. King Aelle is back in control, and may need to prove a point.

I find out that the Saxons shouted ‘Dwarf Forged Blade’ at me. Whatever that means.

- Merin, Dragonrider, Son of King Blean of Pengwern

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