Pendragon the Dark Ages 2nd Generation

The Black Stone

Journey2 electric eel

The head of the head leaps towards me. I deflect it with my shield and strike the sone again – CLANG. There is a rumble in the earth.

Grainne gets between me and Gwalchmai, while Elias distracts the Eel with his spear.

Dark things still leap at us, burning and fighting and dying. The Spear Gwalchmai caries goes for Grainne, she deflects it and stays alive.

I must break this stone, nothing else matters. I strike at it with my flaming sword, the water boiling with dark eels around me. CLANG – the cavern shakes.

Elias stands before the giant Eel, taunting it, striking it, and takes all it throws against him, until finally a part of it grabs his leg and he falls.

Gwalchmai’s features seem to change – Grainne still defends against him.

I thrust mu sword deep into the stone – the ground shakes and part of the cavern roof falls. Many things fall over, including Cadwaladr, some of the stars go out.

Morchades finally breaks free from the Lady and dives into the water, erupting from the Eels body, just as Elias leaps from the water and thrusts his spear right through its head. The Eel explodes.

Cadwaladr and Morchades join the others fighting the hordes, which are now in a frenzy. Elias helps keep the Lady controlled Gwalchmai at bay.

Finally, dropping my shield and using two hands and all my weight, I thrust my sword like a pick head into the stone and it breaks. CRACK.

The dark things turn and run as if lost. Bits of the cavern roof start to fall and Gwalchmai ruturns to us. The Lady is broken. I grab a piece of the rock, and we run, dodging falling rocks as the cavern collapses behind us.

When we finally get out, a mountain peak falls and the stairs are buried, as the sun sets. There are dead evil fish floating on the top of the pool, but the water is not as dark.

After much rest we ride for Pengwern. We find a very light garrison – the army has headed North for a confrontation with the Saxons at Holy Isle. We ride to follow army.

- Merin, Dragonrider, Son of King Blean of Pengwern

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