Pendragon the Dark Ages 2nd Generation

518-9 Dark Lady, Dark Days

The Adventure of the Road to Achavanich Part 7/ The adventure of the Road Home Part 1

The battle continues. It seems our whole lives have lead us to this moment.

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!Merin liberates a horse from the ships while the chariots and riders fight. Two more chariot warriors are dispatched. The Lady drives for the Stone Circle.

Grainne leaps onto a horse on one of the chariots and cuts the harness. The chariot, driver and warrior are left in a tangled crash. The Lady drives on.

Elias throws a mighty javelin cast, which kills one of the Lady’s horses as she reaches the stones. She steps from the crashing chariot as if it had rolled gently to a stop. The winds stop.

Elias lowers his spear and charges her, he hit with a blow that would kill two Saxons, but his spear shatters upon her.

Cadwaladr throws The Spear to Gwalchmai and he attacks the Lady. Sparks fly as their weapons clash.

The Pict Champion and several riders burst from the tower heading for Gwalchmai, while the other Picts finally start to organise and throw spears.

Cadwaladr leads the Dragon Riders charge to cover Gwalchmai. Merin arrives on his new small horse and uses his flaming sword to distract the Lady and stop her slicing Gwalchmai’s hands from his arms. Gwalchmai hits her with The Spear and she screams – a flaming wound. She cuts back at him and score a wound that seems to weaken him.

But now there are more Picts. Spears rain down, and some find their mark, we are injured.
Grainne took a flying leap from her horse and took the Champion’s blow in Gwalchmai’s stead – rendering her unconscious/ close to death. Morchades reached them and split the Champion in twain and gave Gwalchmai one more chance at the Lady. Cadwaladr gave the retreat order, Merin broke the vial, we disengaged and ran for it. Gwalchmai got Grainne on to her horse and the 5 riders picked up the body of their fallen comrade, Gerdoc, and we rode out with the winter closing down behind us, obscuring our trail as the Lady flies away on the wind.

Once clear of the field and with the pursuit lost behind us we camped briefly and took stock of our situation, healed wounds, built a cairn and said our farewells for Gerdoc. We then planned our passage south.

We ride South, following the tree line.

Old growth forest scottish highlands

For 3 weeks we travel quietly. Merin finds his new mount to be very comfortable on these highland paths. We are not sure how far we must go. We spot riders following us, we lose them on a mad ride through the forest.

We see fire arrows shot into the sky behind and then before us. We try to find a place to hide.

We are woken in the night by those on watch. We have Picts in the forest around us. We kill our way out and ride into the night.



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