Pendragon the Dark Ages 2nd Generation

518-9 The Picts, the Stones and the Miracle

The Adventure of the Road to Achavanich Part 5

We attack! The battle of the Stones Begins.


We hide ourselves at a barrow overlooking the Pictish meeting grounds. There are many clans arrayed around the horseshoe of standing stones Gwalchmai slips through the night to watch the Picts, and the rest of us stay hidden and quiet, alert for any sound of alarm.

After many hours watching fires from afar, Gwalchmai returns, with tales of many groups of Picts – perhaps a group for each of the 54 stones, weddings and feasting, a big group of Picts with some mail armoured and an empty tower with a new elevated floor.

We could kill them all, but the King of the North is not there so after some discussion we decide to wait and watch. Morning comes and we stay hidden.

Many chieftains are half stripped and woad painted, and a group went to the tower, including the Wizard.

What is going on, we are not sure, but we cannot see the King of the North, so we wait.

Mid afternoon two saxon like ships appear and make land. They are crewed by Picts and a large group of hooded prisoners are unloaded from one boat and staked to the ground next to each stone. One hood slipped off for a second to reveal a tonsured head.

From the other boat come a group of well armoured guards, the champion who threw a spear into Cadwaladr many months ago, four young men – well armed, and the man who must be King of the North and a woman in red who must be the Dark Lady.

There is much movement around the stones, each has woad covered chieftain, some warriors and a prisoner, many drums were beating and the King of the North spoke to his people. He gave a command and the first two chieftains stepped forward and killed the prisoner at their stones.

We knew this was the time to attack. We drank the potions that Cailleach gave us, and broke the first globe of Winter, then we rode out. A flake of snow slowly fell from the sky.

The King laughed and said we were right on time! Many chieftains and the champion went to kill their prisoners. We rode towards them. The prisoner the champion went to kill started glowing, broke his bonds and stood in the form of a cross, the champions sword turned to birds and flew away. The Dark Lady looked horrified at the prisoner/priest. Many of the prisoners/priests were saved.

The Wizard of the North stepped forward, between us and the others. The snow flake hit the ground and Winter roared in. He stood his ground, and as we were nearly upon him, a line of dead Roman soldiers erupted from the ground before us.

Our charge hit these these animated corpses with a crunch. Merin leapt from his horse over the Romans to attack the Wizard, and Morchades hits him after riding through a Roman.



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